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Thanks again for coming into work this past Sunday in an attempt to get Wulfer on his flight. We appreciate everything you did. He's feeling much better. :)

Mariko & Wulfer

...your knowledge, compassion, and reassurance have made this experience most tolerable. I appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism. I've always felt that you were genuinely concerned for my well-being and that you've had my best interest at heart. I am sincerely grateful and, thankful to you for renewing and improving my smile.

Lisa A.

I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation to you for your help last week. You made is so much easier for me. It is hard to find someone as kind and concerned as you.{Thank you for being so thoughtful} Many Thanks. With deep gratitude

Adine J.

Thanks so much for your wonderful caring service to Ashley and myself.

Theresa S.

I wanted to thank you for your kindness and generosity in taking care of me when I was in pain. You went above and beyond to ensure I felt better. Much appreciated.

John M.

Oh the dentist is so sweet and nice. Very motherly - you almost expect hot chocolate chip cookies. I absolutely loath the dentist. I cried through my first cleaning because that awful noise is enough to make anyone insane. But Dr. Madja was patient and kind. My second visit for a more evasive deep cleaning was perfectly pleasant. She might just cure me of my fears. her assistant Michael is divine as well.

Holly P.

LAUREL DENTAL SPA ROCKS Dedicated, Talented Doctor, Major Insurers Accepted, Flexible Scheduling, Straightforward Billing Dr. Majda has created a refreshing and calm oasis in her office. Much of the calm comes directly from Majda herself who is direct, professional and very caring. In addition, everyone at Laurel Dental Spa is focused on helping you. You can (and will) have a warm aromatherapy eye or neck pillow; or maybe all you need is a soft blanket. In any case, the environment at Laurel Day Spa is relaxing - exactly the opposite of my expectations. As a professional, Dr. Majda, uses care and takes time to be thorough. I appreciate this extra time and effort. I really feel like all of my teeth have been considered and analyzed. Dr. Majda also dedicated specific time during our first evaluation to educate me on the current state of my teeth and gums. I have never been walked through the status of my teeth, tooth by tooth. I found the experience to be very motivating (I will floss!!!).

Erin D.

Dr. Majda is such a nice, sensitive dentist! She wants very much to make you comfortable, checking in with you often over the course of treatment. Her crown work from temp to permanent was the best I ever had. She's warm and talks in terms you can understand. I'm making her my regular dentist from now on (been there four times). AND she has pictures of Cary Grant and other greats on her walls. Thanks, Dr. Majda!

Linda B

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