Address 390 Laurel Street Suite 210, San Francisco, CA 94118

Tour A New Kind of Dental Experience

We're celebrating our 8th year at 390 Laurel St! Here are some of the improvement our patients can expect.

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Digital Dental X-Rays

We use digital x-rays which expose you to 95% less radiation !

They also eliminate any negative impact on the environment associated with development, exposure, and disposal of x-rays.

LCD Digital Technology

We've always trusted digital technology to improve patient experience

We love digital technology

Along with digital x-rays, our practice features:

  • Intra-oral cameras and other tools

that enhance the patient experience, makes the dentist's work more efficient, and allows for more open collaboration with team members.

Instant display of radiographical images means

  • More efficient treatment
  • Reduced patient chair time
  • High technology experience

Digital x-rays expose you to 95% less radiation.

  • Significantly less radiation significantly higher patient safety
  • Better images better care
  • No chemicals environmentally friendly

LCD Review System

LCD displays in every treatment room. LCDs allow for review and diagnosing assistance of your intra-oral, radiographic, and smile pictures. Less trees, and smart energy displays.

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